Nutrition & Dietary Therapy

Dietary Nutrition & Weight loss

Let’s face it we all love to eat, right? With so much confusion about what is good for us, I can guide and teach you how to eat for your individual body and constitution type. I combine both western and eastern theory and science to your dietary needs. You are as unique on the inside as you are on the outside. This is a basic concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Once given the facts on your individual body type and information on nutrition, then it is your responsibility to take action. Whether you want to feel or sleep better, become a better athlete, lose weight, or reduce medications I can help guide you through this process.

Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

  • Specialized testing to discover sensitivities, allergies and intolerances to particular foods and chemicals.
  • Genetic Mutation Testing

Supplementation Counseling & Support

  • Customized supplementation protocols designed for your specific needs
  • Guidance and counseling to monitor and adjust as needed

Nutrition Education & Consulting

  • Complete Nutritional Intake & Assessment
  • Guidance, consulting, and education based on your goals and needs
  • Treatment and supplemental protocols to support nutrition plan

Packages & Pricing:

Initial Nutrition Consultation:

No Acupuncture Full Assessment and list of recommended reading, customized “Plate Plan” and treatment protocol 60 Minutes – $125

Followup Acupuncture Sessions:

50 Minutes – $75

Followup Nutrition Counseling:

30 Minutes – $45 60 Minutes – $75