Facial Regeneration

How It Works

Facial regeneration combines photon light, radio waves, microcurrent, and the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. By using specific acupuncture points on the face, neck and body, meridian points are stimulated by radio wave technology. Radio waves work on a very simple principle: a high frequency microcurrent is generated which penetrates the skin, and moves water molecules. Due to this movement, these molecules collide with each other, and heat is produced, which contracts with old collagen, and stimulates the formation of new collagen. The formation and contraction of collagen results in the tightening of skin. The result is a natural, more youthful appearance and firmness.

About Microcurrent

Therapeutic Light and Color

Anyone can benefit from ELR™ treatments. ELR™ is whole body rejuvenation that will bring your beauty to the next level!


The magic of ELR™ is the use of color. Color is how the body communicates on the cellular level. Through the application of color light at targeted acupuncture points, information is fed to the body. This information is delivered directly where it is needed to balance the body and bring your innate beauty to a new level that’s beyond any other non-surgical treatment. Your skincare or wellness professional can choose from 12 customized colors to address your specific needs.


ELR™ Philosophy

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is not anti-aging! Anti-aging is not a very pleasant term. How can anyone be against living, growing and maturing with the passing days? We want to take the way we think about beauty to the next level. ELR™ is the treatment for those who want to hold the hands of time and age at their own pace. ELR™ supports your idea of beauty, not someone else’s. Energy Light Rejuvenation™ believes that true beauty is in everyone and invasive procedures are not necessary to achieve it.


The Energy Light Rejuvenation Experience

The time and number of Energy Light Rejuvenation™ treatments depend on the unique needs of your skin. Expect a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating spa-like experience when you undergo an Energy Light Rejuvenation™ treatment. At the end of each ELR™ experience, you will feel vibrant, calm and renewed!

For maximum treatment results, we suggest:

  • 10-20 consecutive treatments (higher numbers required for the elderly, smokers or those with more pronounced skin problems)
  • 2+ treatments per week

There is no downtime with ELR treatments. Therefore, treatments can be given consecutively to speed results. Side effects are extremely rare, but in susceptible individuals may occasionally include lightheadedness or temporary uncomfortable symptoms due to accelerated discharge of toxins from the tissues or lymph vessels of the body. When such symptoms occur they are mild and short-lived, and are generally associated with long-term improvement.

Treatment and Maintenance Recommendations:

  • ELR™ treatments every 4-6 weeks
  • Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is an exercise program for the skin to keep it toned, the texture healthy and circulation increased
  • ELR™ treatments are recommended prior to special occasions and events such as weddings, anniversaries, vacations, holidays, parties, etc.
  • Consume plenty of water, especially in the days leading up to a ELR™ treatment, as this increases the conductivity of the microcurrent treatment
  • Clients in their 20s-30s can benefit from ELR™ — ELR™ keeps the skin healthy by working on the cellular level


Packages & Pricing:

Initial Session:

Complete Intake & Evaluation


Facial Rejuvenation Treatment


Individual Followup Treatments:


Facial Rejuvenation Treatment


Package of 10 Treatments